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PC & LCD in Type

1channel (General TESTER)


The Standard test is 1 channels

Support - Smart Module for 2~5cell PACK
- General PCM up to 2~5cell series

Save Bar Code data with Bar-Code reader of scanner

Easy and powerful management.
Fraction defective management. (by time & item)
Data management. (Save Excel file)

PC / LCD Include (Option)

DAS system. (Data Acquisition System)
Linked Sever with Wi-Fi in real time.
Support display graph in real time.

Satisfaction of our Customers.
Expanding the Equipment and Partner Companies constantly.

Remote Support for technical problems.

Basic Test Function
OCV Open Circuit Voltage (1, 2)
DCV Discharge Circult Voltage
CCV Charging Circuit Voltage
ODCP Over Discharge Current Protection
OCCP Over Charge Current Protection
SDCP Short Discharge Current Protection
IR Internal Resistance
IDR Identify Resistor
THR ThermistorResistor
Special Test Function
Programable Test Step
SMBus Communication Read/Write
Charger ON/OFF
Discharger ON/OFF
Wait Delay Time
Relay Control
Voltage/Current Measurement
Serial Number Read
Manufacturer Date Read
Voltage Output Max 25V
Measurement Max 22V
Current Charge Max 10A
Discharge Max 10A
Resistance Measurement Max 200Ω ~ 200kΩ
IR Measurement 10 ~ 400mkΩ
Temperature Max 70℃
Interface RS-232C
Environments Operating Temperature : 10 ~ 40℃
Humidity : 10 ~ 80%
Storage Temperature : -20 ~ 45℃
Humidity : 5 ~ 95%
Size 250 × 180 × 411mm
Weight 6.2kg
Power AC 220V / 60Hz