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Standard 10 channels

Max 1~4 channel


The Standard test has 10 channels.

Support - Smart Module for 2~4cell series
- Renesas M37512, M37517, R2J240XX etc
- TI BQ208XX, BQ20zXX etc
- MAXIM : MAX1788 etc
- General PCM up to 4cell series
- Support to customer additional specification

Easy and powerful management.
Fraction defective management. (by time & item)
Data management. (Save Excel file)

Test Mode - Function Mode.

Auto Calibration - Self Check and Auto Calibration

DAS system. (Data Acquisition System)
Linked Sever with Wi-Fi in real time.
Support display graph in real time.

Satisfaction of our Customers.
Expanding the Equipment and Partner Companies constantly

Remote Support for technical problems.

Programable Test Function
SMBus Communication Read / Write
Flash Rom, Data Flash Read
Charge & Discharge Current ON / OFF
Pre-Charge Test
Wait Delay Time
Relay Control
Voltage / Current Measurement
One Wire Communication
Serial Number Read
Manufacturer Date Read
Cell Voltage Output Max 4.9V
Measurement Max 4.9V
Pre-Charge Output Max 16.8V / 500mA
Measurement Max 500mA
Current Output Max ± 15A
Measurement Max ± 15A
FET block detection Output Max ± 3A
Measurement Max ± 3A
Max ± 10V - < Low Mode >
Max ± 20V - < High Mode >
Resistance Measurement 200Ω ~ 299kΩ
IR Measurement 10mΩ ~ 1000mΩ
Consumption Measurement Max 30mA
Temperature Measurement Max 70℃
Interface RS-232C
Environments Operating Temperature : 10 ~ 40℃
Humidity : 10 ~ 80%
Storage Temperature : -20 ~ 45℃
Humidity : 5 ~ 95%
Size 450 × 275 × 640mm
Weight 38kg
Power AC 220V / 60Hz