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Standard 20 channels

Extension 40 channels
(Max 80CH)

2 channels
(One Board)


the standard test is channels at the same time (Extension test : 80 channels at the same time)

Standard Test Item(11 Items) prosecuting test at the time of about 10 sec (20 channels)

A Single Board(2 channels) can make for the use potable (for Lab, Q/A)

SMART Module Test DS2438, DS276x, BQ270xx, BQ272XX and BQ275XX etc

Authentication Test DS2502, DS2704, BQ202X and ISL6296 etc

Possibility of check the Fraction defective daily in product line and Q.A effectively Fraction defective data save excel file (Daily / Functional Test item Step)

Interface : RS-232C

Special Test Function
DS2502 EPROM Read
ROM status Read
DS2704 MAC Read
BQ27000 Voltage / Current / Temperature Accuracy
RAM Register Read
SN27541 Firmware Write
Data Flash Write / Read
Data RAM Read
Basic Test Function
Wake-up Wake-up & Initialization
OVP Over Voltage Protection
UVP Under Voltage Protection
ODCP Over Discharge Current Protection
OCCP Over Charge Current Protection
SDCP Short Discharge Current Protection
IR Internal Resistance
CC Consumption Current
IDR Identify Resistor
THR Thermistor Resistor
Voltage Output Max 4.5V
Measurement Max 5V
Current Charge Max ± 10A
DisCharge Max ± 10A
Resistance Measurement Max 200 ~ 200k Ω
IR DisCharge Max 10mΩ ~ 1000mΩ
Consumption Current Max 200uA
Interface RS-232C
Environments Operating Temperature : 10 ~ 40℃
Humidity : 10 ~ 80%
Storage Temperature : -20 ~ 45℃
Humidity : 5 ~ 95%
Size 450 × 185 × 520mm
Weight 20kg
Power AC 220V / 60Hz